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Unlocking Potential of Streatham Site

Unlocking Potential of Streatham Site - Yeats

Yeats have been appointed as the development/managers to create a high-quality hotel concept which responds with a contemporary interpretation to the conservation area.

The site, which is located in close proximity to Streatham Station, will host a 117-bed hotel.

The hotel has been specifically designed to make the most of the potential of a plot set away from the main streets but have a strong visual presence along the railway transport route.

The urban design and architecture of the proposals will respond to site-specific context with a design that creates a visually interesting building that can be enjoyed by both visitors and local people.

Once redeveloped, the site will have greatly improved environmental, economic and visual qualities.

The full planning application has been submitted.

Unlocking Potential of Streatham Site - Yeats

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