Yeats is a platform that connects qualified individuals and institutions to fully vetted, compelling real estate investment opportunities.

At Yeats, we combine our experience with the latest technologies in order to empower our investors through direct access, lower fees, and greater transparency.

Our investment team collectively scour their extensive network for great opportunities, reinforcing our reputation as a preferred capital partner to drive a steady flow of differentiated opportunities.

We then employ a rigorous approach to underwriting and ultimately investing in opportunities we find attractive. We partner with top quality operators who have the operational and local market expertise relevant to each transaction.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate has long been the cornerstone of wealth generation and preservation. Real estate leads the alternative investment asset class, however it is difficult to source, operationally intensive, and too often burdened by high fees and misalignment. This means investors of all types lack efficient access to quality opportunities.

Return Potential

Alongside the security of tangible asset ownership, commercial real estate has historically produced attractive returns relative to other asset classes.

Tax Efficiency

We live in an after-tax world and should view our investments through a tax conscious lens.


Real estate offers valuable portfolio diversification, but investing in single properties often means writing big checks. With Yeats, gain access without having to make overly concentrated commitments.

Why Invest with Yeats?

We are a data-driven real estate investment platform with an emphasis on differentiated sourcing, diligence enhanced by data, increased transparency, and investor-friendly terms.

Our Team

We’re a team of professionals from a range of well-established investment firms.

How Does Yeats Compare?

We fundamentally improve on traditional real estate investing models. We are a steward of our investors’ capital and are committed to offering more transparent, efficient ownership in high-quality commercial real estate opportunities.

Investment Expertise
Lower Fees

Our Vision

We turn visions into reality.