Real estate intelligence with unparalleled access to compelling opportunities for the world's most discerning investors

Yeats is a platform that connects qualified individuals and institutions to fully vetted, compelling real estate investment opportunities.

Why Real Estate?

Real estate has long been the cornerstone of wealth generation and preservation. Real estate leads the alternative investment asset class, however it is difficult to source, operationally intensive, and too often burdened by high fees and misalignment. This means investors of all types lack efficient access to quality opportunities.

Return Potential

Alongside the security of tangible asset ownership, commercial real estate has historically produced attractive returns relative to other asset classes.

Real estate offers valuable portfolio diversification, but investing in single properties often means writing big checks. 

As a hard asset, real estate can provide both intrinsic value and cash flow. 

Yeats is the Ideal Capital Partner

We partner with best-in-class developers who have local knowledge and operating expertise. We fundamentally believe that proven operating capability, coupled with geographic focus, drives outsized returns.

Seasoned Acquisitions Team

Our Investments committee is led by senior professionals covering all skill sets in real estate development, with backgrounds in investing, construction, financial analysis and real estate appraising …sit together to provide and all risk analysis of every opportunity before it becomes available to our investors.

Why Invest with Yeats?

We are a real estate investment platform with an emphasis on differentiated sourcing, diligence enhanced by data, increased transparency, and investor-friendly terms.

Experienced Team

We’re a team of professionals from well established investment firms including Investcorp, Mumtalakat, Citi Bank, and  Morgan Stanley.

Our investment committee is led by Talal Al Zain, former CEO of Mumtalakat Sovereign Wealth Fund of Bahrain and CEO of Investcorp investment bank.

Differentiated Approach

Our team and investment in technology enhance the traditional sourcing, diligence, and asset management processes.

We assume an active asset management role and provide detailed deal-level transparency.


How Does Yeats Compare?

We fundamentally improve on traditional real estate investing models. We are a steward of our investors’ capital and are committed to offering more transparent, efficient ownership in high-quality commercial real estate opportunities.



Speed and Certainty

With access to a sizable discretionary balance sheet, allowing us to move quickly and provide developers with surety of execution. We engage with partners anywhere from the pre-bid to post-deposit phase of a process and also consider recapitalisations.

Since we operate outside of the fund model, we are not constrained by a defined cost of capital or duration. We evaluate transactions across the risk spectrum with a focus on generating the most attractive risk-adjusted return.

Operator-Centric Model

We believe that skilled operators deserve the freedom to execute, and we structure our partnerships to preserve that dynamic.

We take a fundamental, value-driven approach to investing. We seek to identify commercial real estate opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns, at compelling prices relative to replacement cost and comparable sales.

Asset Class

We seek opportunities across all asset classes, including multifamily, office, industrial, retail, hospitality, and student housing.

What size transactions does Yeats pursue?

We typically pursue transactions requiring a minimum equity investment of £20 million. We utilise prudent leverage at the property level, in an amount and form that we believe is accretive to each opportunity.

We focus on quality over quantity. We are constantly reviewing opportunities but only act on the small subset we find compelling. 

We target income-producing properties in major UK markets with compelling fundamentals. Our focus is primarily on office, multifamily, and hospitality assets, though we broadly seek opportunities with the potential for value-add through capital improvements, proactive lease management, and market positioning.